Supremacy: ReformationAfter finally getting Supremacy: Reformation out of editing limbo and under the watchful eyes of a few demo readers, I will have to again delay its release. I received some excellent feedback earlier this week from one of said readers, and his comments are forcing me to rethink my entire opening. I try not to be too perfectionist with my work, but in this case, it is completely justified.

I refuse to release anything half-baked. So, for all you readers out there eagerly waiting to see what kind of sci-fi I can write, you will just have to wait a bit longer. And for all you readers who have yet to discover me, you don’t really care right now, but as soon as you do get your hands on a reworked version of Supremacy: Reformation, you will be thanking me I took some extra time

Trust me, the wait will be worth it. The opening to a story is the most important part because if a reader is not hooked from the beginning, it will be an uphill climb for the rest of the journey. We have all read books like this and I will not do this too you. Supremacy: Reformation i s just too important to me.

Strap in to your reading chair and crawl through other authors’ imaginations while I take a little time to pour on the awesome sauce. Even with all the changes I am thinking of making, I still should be able to release toward the end of April, so you only have to wait a month at the most.

Speaking of delays, at least I am not the one who had to delay a project that had already been delayed for 14 years: