Supremacy: Reformation is the first expansive science fiction story set in the Supremacy universe and told in episodic bites. Each episode provides around an hour’s worth of quality reading.

Cast down and imprisoned in the age past, the gods left their creation to survive without guidance. Two brothers now struggle to unite the last of the ancient Orders. One rules as emperor, taking up the divine mandate bequeathed him. The other questions his brother’s loyalty to the gods, declaring he has supplanted them. With the rest of the galaxy shrouded in darkness, the Second Order stands as humanity’s last bastion of hope until the gods return. Will they survive?

Episode 1

Jade, a Priestess in the Communication Order, leads a covert mission that heralds the beginning of a new era. When the mission goes awry, she must think fast to prevent the emperor from crushing her. For when the gods return, they will find a people ready to receive them instead of slaves to an emperor.

Episode 2

An informant hides within the Reformation, leaking secrets to the Divine Emperor. Suspecting his own command staff may be involved, Tharin will trust no one until he ferrets out this traitor. Desperation leads him to a forbidden power tempting him with knowledge of their true loyalties. Should he choose to wield this power, he will have his answers, but he may become lost within its depths. The Reformation needs its leader to remain pure; the Divine Emperor won’t sit quietly for long.

Episode 3

In this episode, Anthros finds himself in a battered state ready to give up the secrets he holds. A team of archivists dig into his mind and pull out his entire adventure on White Sands, revealing just how he infiltrated the Reformation. New information of Tharin’s true plan comes to light, placing the entire conflict over the Second Order into a new perspective. The Artifact Tharin keeps buried will decide everyone’s fate.

Episode 4

In this episode, Anthros recovers hidden memories of the time between when he fled White Sands and arrived on Centros Prime. These buried secrets reveal more to Divine Emperor Dagas than he wanted. More is at work in the Second Order than the Reformation.

Episode 5

5.5 Everyone closes in on Anthros and Elysi while they rush to escape Morina. Her entire clan, divided over how to protect one of their own, searches the entire planet for them. Recovered from the wounds Anthros left, Tharin rises to piece together just where Anthros went after White Sands. Morina holds enough secrets for all of them.

Episode 6

5.5 Tharin chases Anthros to the mining world of Morina, hoping he can capture him before the servant of Dagas extracts him. Time is against all of them and even Anthros knows everyone is coming for him.

Episode 7

Ep7 - Supremacy RGB With Number - Medium The Caretaker hides Anthros and Elysi from all who seek them as worlds collide on Morina. Both Tharin and Dagas rush to be the first to recover Anthros and the secrets locked inside his head.

Episode 8

Ep8 - Supremacy RGB With Number - MedDagas unleashes his wrath out upon Morina and White Sands. The Reformation stands against him to save the Second Order.

Episode 9

Ep9 - Supremacy RGB With Number - Med The Reformation faces it’s toughest battle when Dagas brings the fight directly to White Sands. Tharin uses everything at his disposal to ensure that his brother will never touch Cranus. Will it be enough?

Episode 10 (Releasing 9-19-2017)

Ep10 - Supremacy RGB With Number - MedComing Soon!