Jason Craft is a caretaker of fictional universes that readers can explore through the portals he writes. He has authored the science fiction ebook series, Supremacy: Reformation, which is the first foray into the expansive Supremacy universe. He also collaborated with two other authors to create the Shadeskin anthology, a cohesive urban fantasy tale of angels and demons.

Born and raised in northwest Louisiana, Jason did very little to escape the area outside of writing about fantastical worlds. He is a legitimate nerd who enjoys PC gaming, arguing about time paradoxes, and the indomitable table-top game, Warhammer 40K. One day he plans to have his entire Tau Empire army fully painted.

He currently resides in Shreveport, Louisiana and is employed as a full-time computer programmer to support his writing and nerd habits. You can catch him on the interwebs by his handle, VigRoco. Challenge him to a Planetary Annihilation match, and he will gracefully lose to you.