While I do not have any firm release dates yet for Supremacy: Reformation, I do have something to whet your appetite. To appreciate the full breadth of the story you need to start at the absolute beginning anyway.

Behold! The mythos that fuels the Reformation series inside the Supremacy universe:

The Origin

Supremacy - Reformation: Series 1 Cover Art

Cover Art for Supremacy - Reformation: Series 1

At the Origin, the two supreme entities of Light and Dark filled everything with their power. Light was an open expanse anchored at its center by a sphere of formless mass. Dark was a brooding void fueled by logic and reason. They both distanced themselves from each other, content to exist independently. Eventually, Dark desired ultimate control and reached out to steal Light’s mass. Light resisted, and thus began their eternal struggle.

They each pulled on the sphere unwilling to relent. The strain escalated until the mass exploded, leaving a ring that marked the line at which both entities had gripped it. The rest of the mass traveled outward, escaping both entities.

In anger, Dark swallowed Light with its void, dispersing it into pockets of small remnants that became the stars. Light reached out through the stars, grabbing at the exploded mass until it swirled around, forming the galaxies. As the universe began to take shape, the energy from the two supreme entities that at one time filled everything, faded into mere background noise.

The ring of mass broke apart into forty shards. The power of both Light and Dark mixed within, birthing a consciousness. The shards transformed into bipedal creatures of immense power, able to control space and time. They were the Gods.

The Gods saw the beautiful universe congealing around them, but felt it lacked meaning. Focusing on a single galaxy, they cultivated numerous planets and populated them with creatures of all sorts, but they were not satisfied. They held a council and decided they should create a new being closer to themselvesone they could commune with. So, they created humanity.

They gave humanity a consciousness and form similar to their own, but did not give it any power above imagination. The Gods foresaw that human imagination was the only tool it needed to thrive, and thrive it did. Soon, the entire galaxy was inhabited with the Gods’ paramount creation.

Humanity was grateful for its existence and lived to serve the will of the Gods. The Gods rewarded humanity with technology forged by their own divine hands and beyond human comprehension. Humanity used this technology to further enrich its society, ushering in an era of complete peace.

The Gods divided humanity into five Orders across the galaxy to better rule its creation. Each Order had its own collection of denizens that used their specialized talents to serve the galactic community. Every person born fit perfectly within his or her Order and fulfilled a necessary role. Everyone’s needs were met by their own hard work.

The Gods were pleased with their creation.

Discontent sparked inside one of the humans by the name of Xylus. Dreams of usurping the Gods and ruling the galaxy himself played through his mind. A mysterious longing within his soul drew him to a forgotten portion of the galaxy where the powers of Dark remained strong. He called out to the supreme entity, offering himself over to it. Dark answered his malice with a horde of demons from the depths of space that followed his every command.

With his newly found power, Xylus brought war upon the unsuspecting Gods and began the Fall. The entire galaxy burned in an unprecedented era of violence and darkness. War raged on for centuries as both sides vied for humanity’s ultimate destiny.

The Fall ravaged the galaxy and nearly destroyed the ancient Orders, but in the end, Xylus stood victorious. He imprisoned the Gods on a planet far from the galactic core, called Earth. He purged all memory of the planet from the official records and ensured no one would ever come near it again. Xylus even covertly spread misinformation about its location to keep it hidden and forgotten. With the Gods cast down, he ascended to godhood.

Xylus began reshaping the galaxy as he wanted, but he never suspected that the Gods had been the only force suppressing Dark. Now uncontested, Dark rose up through the unwilling vessel of Xylus and consumed most of the galaxy, shrouding it in its black void. Given enough time, Dark would regain its full strength and pull all the mass of the universe back to itself. Humanity was doomed, unless the Gods could be resurrected.

In this ensuing aftermath, the Second Order went unnoticed as the Fall had barely touched its borders. Its citizens carried the hope of the Gods in their hearts and waited in faith to hear from them. They now lived in devotion to their divine emperor who carried on the mantle bequeathed him.

In their last days before imprisonment, the Gods dispatched a messenger that prophesied over this unscathed oasis. The Second Order was commanded to wait until the appropriate time when the Gods would draw them to Earth by the light of a fallen star. Then they would release the Gods and be shielded against the forthcoming judgment cast on the galaxy.

It has been nearly 400 years since the prophecy and many believe the time of the fallen star has come…