After recently seeing the above video for the first time, I am compelled to state the obvious (well, that which is obvious to anyone who understands the core principles of science).

Science is simply a process that we have developed over the past few centuries to explain the natural world around us in objective, concrete terms. It makes no claims whatsoever on anything that is supernatural or metaphysical. It requires direct, controlled observation to work and seeing as how supernatural occurrences cannot always be observed or controlled, they fall outside the realm that science can explain.

The Theory of Evolution does not state that God does not exist or that we are just here by random chance and are thus devoid of hope. It only seeks to explain how we got to where we are today and that is it. It is a scientific theory that can only explain how the natural world works. On principle, it never tries to dabble into the tumultuous philosophical realm where people try to discover the meaning of life.

This universe operates on a very specific set of physical laws created by God, if you will. Science is our method for explaining the rules that He created. Uncovering the secrets He wove into our world will never refute His existence. Remember that.