Last Weekend, after a few weeks on RTS hiatus, I fired up Supreme Commander 2 and went online to assert my dominance. I got demolished in a ranked 1v1 game, so I pushed through my shame and joined a 4 player FFA game. FFA is my absolute favorite way to play RTS online. You never know what to expect or who is going to win. It forces you to constantly think on your feet. I knew this game was going to be extra exiting as I was Cybran and the other three players were UEF (Blue, Purple, and Green).

I started off in the lower right-hand corner, focused on land assault and started applying pressure to Blue, on my left. Unfortunately for him, not only was I hammering him, but so was Purple from the north. It wasn’t too long until he was wiped out, which left me the opportunity to take out purple myself.

Purple had started building a new base in the middle of the map, so that was were I sent my massive land army. Stuff started blowing up as I nearly decimated his new base. He was well defended and was able to neutralize my army, so I pulled back into my base to regroup. That was when I noticed Green begin to stack up a huge army along my northern border.

Green had apparently grown unchecked as I and Purple had been too focused on each other. He began marching down with his army. Frak! Frak! Frak! He had three King Kryptors escorted by countless land assault bots. I had a couple of megaliths, but I knew I was doomed.

I almost considered attacking with my ACU and going down in a blaze of glory. Instead, I chose to flee and try to stay alive as long as possible. Flight won out over Fight this time. I pumped as many research points into the ACU category as I could. As I was chased by his overwhelming army, I ran into purple. With nowhere else to go, I was pinned between these two players with big armies. What could I do?

Lady luck smiled on me as the other Purple’s ACU happened to be in the same vicinity as me, so I poured as much firepower into him as I could while dancing around to avoid his return artillery fire. Both of our health bars receded to dangerous levels as we slugged it out at point blank range. My ACU’s tactical missiles saved the day and I took him out in a blinding explosion of awesomeness.

The resulting nuclear blast, red-lined my health, but also took out most of the Green’s pursuing army. I had taken out Purple who had overwhelming firepower all by myself. Holy frak was it awesome. Green’s King Kryptors eventually caught up to me and I lost, but I ended up coming in second place because I refused to give up. Take that as a life lesson.

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