2016 has been universally bad year for just about everyone I know. We’ve survived a resurgence of authoritarianism, seen our heroes die, and struggled through horrific, world-wide tragedies. And that’s just the stuff that doesn’t directly affect us. I, myself, dealt with more inter-personal conflict this year than ever before and it has left me mentally exhausted and paralyzed in my pursuit of my dreams. I’m glad to see this year come to a close.

2016 reminded me that I still haven’t had any real success in publishing and most of that is my own fault. I’m the reason that the final episodes for Volume 1 of Supremacy: Reformation have been sitting in my word processor. I embarked on this journey 5 years ago and have not been diligent enough to produce new content. I’ve had the plans laid down through Volume 3 since I started writing the first word of this series.

2016 reminded me that the fate of all the characters in Shadeskin are in my hands. A new volume is sorely overdue, especially considering the state everyone was left in at the big finale of Shadeborn. I’ve thought of plenty of storylines for Shadeskin 3, but have put nothing to paper.

My writing career is languishing and it’s all my fault. I let this year throw me off course and gave it the rudder, which it used to send me into the middle of the ocean. I’m adrift in just about every aspect of my life. Well, that’s really an exaggeration, because my day job is going really well. However, my success at writing code is eating at my desire to write stories and 2016 exacerbated that problem. My head is filled with stories I need to tell, but 2016 beat me this year and they all remain within me instead of traveling the world.

Despite all this, I’ve had some major successes this year, for which I am grateful and that’s what I want to concentrate on. Like I mentioned above, my programming career is doing very well and I’m still working on some awesome side projects that I hope to finish up soon. I got to travel a bit this year. The wife and I explored Seattle, cruised the Caribbean, and took a couple weekend trips to Texas and Arkansas.

Resilience is the most important character trait to develop and it’s the one that I rely on the most for sanity. I live by the mantra that failure is permanent only if you give up. I refuse to give up. I will finish what I started writing and it will be awesome. I’m excited to ring in the new year, because I will not let 2016 win. 2016 was a turning point for me and that will make 2017 all the better.

See you all next year!