And here we are at the top of a crisp, fresh new year full of potential that so often goes untapped. Well, I intend to fully tap my year and use the resources gained to bang out some awesome writing projects. I’ve given some serious thought to this and have created a very modest plan that should excite all my readers.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of planning out impossible goals for myself, but not this year! I’ve kept my planning in the realm of true possibility and have shocked myself as to what I’m going to accomplish.

The Supremacy Universe

This will be the year that I take baby steps into expanding Supremacy into what it needs to be – a fully developed, scifi universe. This is my master work, and I’ve not been able to properly convey the enormous scope of stories I have planned. The Reformation series is only the first glimpse into a universe as diverse and complex as Star Wars or Warhammer 40K.

Speaking of Reformation, I’ve been lagging behind with my episodes, but not to worry. This year I will finish the first 10 episodes, finally completing the first volume. Volume I will end with such a showdown that you’ll be screaming at me to start writing the next one!

However, before I start Reformation: Volume II, I will be writing a YA science fiction novel set in a new part of the Supremacy Universe. Yes, that’s right, you’ll get a peak into what is outside the Second Order! I’ve had a great idea for a while, and it will be demanding my attention this year. I don’t have any more detail than that, so you’ll have to wait for the full premise when I’m ready to release it to the public!


This is also the year that Shadeskin officially turns into a series. You didn’t think we were really going to leave you guys hanging like that forever did you? Well, expect the sequel this year!

And, of course, there will be more after that. We’ve already been sketching out ideas for the next few books, so strap in for a wild ride of Southern UF at its finest.

2013 – At a Glance

And because I love lists so much right now, have one with my projects for 2013:

  1. Supremacy: Reformation – Volume I (Episodes 1-10)
  2. Supremacy YA Novel
  3. Shadeskin 2

2013 – It’s going to rock!