Some things in pop culture I can let go. Tabloid magazines don’t pretend to be anything more than vapid pictures of celebrities, so I happily ignore them. However, I will not abide this repackaged Twilight fanfiction currently sweeping the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.

I’m calling on every author out there to join me in a blog campaign to stop this plague of smut. If drek like that can make it to the top, we can surely dethrone it with our superior fiction. We just need to unify our voices across the internet and get our readers out in force. I’m officially declaring July 31, 2012 to be “Save Fiction” day!


If you want to join me in this campaign, write up a blog post on July 24 showing off some of your work and link to where readers can buy it. Tell them they can save fiction by flooding every commercial outlet with their purchases on the 31st. If you are feeling particularly generous, link them to other authors’ works. The point is to get everyone buying something other than 50 Shades. Literally anything they could possibly buy will be better.

We need to take to the bookstores and load up our bags and ereaders with new fiction that is better than 50 Shades!

If you have any ideas to contribute to this campaign, comment on this post or hit me up on Twitter.