pc gamingI am a huge fan of PC Gamer magazine and regularly listen to their podcast. Every week they get down into the nerdy abyss of PC gaming. On the most recent episode, they discussed why they love the PC as a gaming platform and encouraged us to share our own love of it.

Growing up, my parents never bought me a video game console out of fear that it would consume my life. I believe it had something to do with the fact that I turned into Gollum whenever in the presence of a console, so I can’t really fault them for being my own, personal Bilbo Baggins. However, when we got our first computer (a Packard-Bell with Pentium 133 mhz, Win95, 16mb RAM, and 1GB hard drive), I discovered a wonderful loophole in my parents’ console moratorium: computer games didn’t count as real video games.

From that point forward, I was a dedicated PC gamer. While my friends were playing classics like Super Mario 64, FFVII, and Twisted Metal; I was discovering Total Annhilation, Descent, and Heroes of Might & Magic II. Once able to taste the greatness and variety of PC gaming, I never looked back. 

Through my formative gaming years, the main reason I have come to love PC gaming is freedom. The PC is an open platform that welcomes innovation from gamers, software developers, and hardware engineers alike. Everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to the worldwide PC gaming community.

Niche groups of PC gamers keep growing the platform through LAN parties and online communities. Only on the PC will you find dedicated gamers that will invest hours of their lives just to keep games alive and thriving. In fact, games like Descent and Mech Warrior are more than a decade old but still have active communities. Why do gamers ban together like this? Because they can. Freedom is the right of all sentient gamers and the PC knows this.

From the business side of the equation, many different companies are fervently engineering more ways to enjoy PC games and push the experience to new limits. The end result is a cornucopia of hardware configurations coupled with every game genre under the sun. We, the gamers, always win in this scenario. You want to run three 40-inch LCDs with 3D enabled on Crysis 2? You got it, but only with PC gaming.

Freedom and choice go hand-in-hand. PC gaming offers the freedom to choose what you play, how you play it, and how you take it to the next level in the community. Some may say that the PC has too much freedom, too many choices. Well, to these short-sighted naysayers, I say, “NO”. As one of the forefathers of PC gaming once said: Give me liberty, or give me death! 

We need freedom to experience games the way we want to, not the way some corporate shill had decided for us! We need freedom to play late into the night with reckless abandon, uncaring about the light of morning! We need freedom to continue the gaming traditions of our forebearers! We need PC Gaming!

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