Gather ’round one and all for I have a story to tell! It begins with a little fifth-grade boy who dreamed of becoming a writer. He spent his childhood day-dreaming of the surreal, collecting whatever flew through his head as doodles across his notebooks underpinned by scraps of writings. Eventually these seeds grew into fantastic tales that he bottled up inside his head waiting until the right time to release them.

Well, today is that day! My fifth-grade self has waited patiently until this very moment to unveil his first foray into the world of independent publishing! May I present,

Supremacy: Reformation Series 1

Cover art by Robin Ludwig Design


With most of the galaxy shrouded in darkness, the Second Order stands as humanity’s final bastion of hope until the Gods return. Its citizens cling to their emperor as he rules with the divine mandate bequeathed him. Bladicos, the emperor’s own brother, sees through this guise of selflessness and plots to wrestle control of the Order away and give it to the people. Humanity must decide its own fate before the Gods are resurrected.


The Reformation series will be the first journey into the Supremacy universe. Series 1 is comprised of 10 episodes that focus on Bladicos and his plan for the Second Order. Each episode should take about 45-60 minutes to read and will be individually available for purchase on all e-reader platforms. An omnibus edition will also be available that will be updated with each of the 10 episodes as they are released.

I do not have any firm release dates quite yet, but expect this soon!