MechIn case you have been living under a rock lately like me, MekTek has released a free, updated version of MechWarrior4: Mercenaries. This release includes various patches to enable the game to work correctly on Windows Vista and 7. They have also worked tirelessly to keep the multiplayer spirit of the game alive and have plenty of online servers to frag your friends on.

MW4: Mercenaries still holds up extremely well, even 8 years since its first release. The gameplay is ferociously fun, and with a thriving online community, there has been no better time to relive this classic. Nothing beats suiting up in a huge walking tank and blowing up everything on your screen. Team with your friends and strap in for the ride of your life.

The graphics are indeed a bit dated, but bearable enough to have a really great time. Come to think about it, they are still better than PS2 or XBOX graphics, so if you enjoy classics on those old consoles you should have no problem here. A blocky walking tank is still a freaking walking tank with the firepower to level an entire city.

After spending some quality time this weekend playing online, I fully regret never buying this game when it came out. I vividly remember its release, telling myself that it was a must-buy, but alas, I never took the plunge. Now I am forced to contend with all of those wasted years since 2002. If you, like me, regret being left out, jump in now because it is never too late. As an added bonus, nostalgia is all the rage these days.

So, while we all wait crossing our fingers for the upcoming release of the MechWarrior reboot, we can fire up our old MW4 friend here to pass the time. See you on the battlefield.