Supreme Commander 2Alrighty, it has been nearly two weeks since the release of SupCom2 and even though I maintain a busy schedule, I was able to devote about 20 hours to this game. I am here to bring you my official take on it. This is not a review because there are already too many of those crawling about the interwebs that you can look up if you are so inclined. This is just me presenting what I think about it. 

First off, I have been following Chris Taylor since the old Total Annihilation days, so I am a long time fan of his work. In fact, TA remains one of my all-time favorite games. When he first announced Supreme Commander as the spiritual successor to TA, I was completely blown away and will never forget reading about it in PC Gamer. Supreme Commander went on to claim a special place in my heart. 

Naturally, I was equally excited when Supreme Commander 2 was announced. PC Gamer wrote about all kinds of cool stuff on the game and I hyped myself up. As soon as it was available, I pre-ordered. Unfortunately, I had to work ridiculously late on the release date, so I was not able to play it until a couple days later. 

Many of my fellow OG fans are already strongly voicing their opposition to the game due to the retardly simple resource management and scaled down battles. It seems that my hero, Chris Taylor, forgot to add the ‘Supreme’ when making this game. However, if he had simply repackaged the original and tried to pass it off as a sequel, the OG fans would still have attacked him, so it was really a no win situation. Sometimes you can never satisfy gamers, especially us elitist RTS gamers. 

While the game certainly sacrifices complexity and strategy to appeal to a wider audience, it makes up for it in sheer fun. Yes the battles are smaller and may only require a child’s level of understanding to play, but I cannot deny that this game is pretty fun. Sometimes fun it what counts in video games. Yes, even in RTS games. 

Which brings me to another point. The original SupCom and SupCom:FA were hardcore RTS titles. You had to have an attention span greater than a four-year-old’s to complete even a single campaign mission. This is what made the game epic and allowed massively large battles to play out. No RTS game has ever had battles as big as the original SupCom. 

Supreme Commander 2 is not a hardcore RTS. It follows the model of mainstream RTS’s like Command & Conquer and Starcraft. While this is a completely new direction for the franchise, it does not spell certain doom. The game has some awesome qualities that I have already noted when I took a look at the demo.

Overall, I like the game, but I do prefer the style of the original.


  • Fun action-oriented battles in the campaign and multiplayer
  • Awesome new research system
  • Awesome revamped ‘Tactical View’
  • Dual monitors is even more awesome with the new ‘Tactical View’
  • Low learning curve
Things I don’t Particulary Like
  • Resource management has been over-simplified
  • Campaign story is not very compelling (the voice acting makes me want to strangle myself)
  • Battles have been scaled waaaaay down
  • Multiplayer battles last about 30 minutes max with evenly skilled players
  • Low learning curve

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