I love the arts and try to support them however I can. Back in the high school days, I was a socially outcast, hard-core band nerd. I may not have had a lot of popular friends, but who needs those when you can make music? Eventually my social skills picked up and I became a regular guy with a passion for music and the arts in general. I wish everyone would share this passion with me.

One of the biggest complaints about the upcoming generation is its inability to think critically. What did you expect of them when they are being exposed to mindless entertainment all of the time? Their failings are only a reflection of our departure from having the arts in the forefront of our culture.

In the early 20th century, the mega-celebrities at the time were intellectuals, writers, and musical composers. Now, the celebrities are mindless drones parading around and consuming our lives at the behest of Hollywood. Well, it may not be that outrageously bad, but we have lost respect for the truly talented and artistic individuals that live among us. We have alcomated ourselves to vegging out to Hollywood’s latest screen vomit instead of searching for mental improvement.

Thankfully, organizations like Vh1’s Save the Music are fighting to keep us from losing our souls to apathetic entertainment. We should all get behind movements like this for the sake of our children.

I have recently created a great solution that will save the arts in our world: promote them as ‘green’ forms of entertainment. Since going ‘green’ is all the rage these days, why not piggy-back this? Think about all the resources it takes to produce a typically summer movie blockbuster and compare that with the minimal amount of resources it takes to produce a Broadway play. Broadway is hundreds of times greener than Hollywood.

Hollywood’s Carbon Footprint

Broadway’s Greening Initiative

So, let’s all save the arts by promoting them as the ‘greenest’ forms of entertainment available. If people won’t love the arts for their beauty, lets just guilt them into it.

People forgetting about the arts? Problem solved.